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Work Less, Paid Fast!

Smart businesses understand how to measure a medical practice’s performance based on history and industry-standard benchmarks. You cannot grow or increase profitability if you don’t have tools that help you measure your performance. CollaborateMD's Interactive Dashboards & Report Builder will take you office’s reporting to the next level of business intelligence.

Great Features in Our Medical Practice Management Software

Our "Biller Tested, Doctor Approved" suite of medical practice management software solutions are designed to optimize your clinical and financial workflow and reduce costs in a challenging economic environment. To keep up with your office's daily activity, CollaborateMD provides you with simple and affordable solutions that have the capability to verify data integrity and reduce claim rejections to enhance your revenue cycle—resulting in increased revenue and patient satisfaction.


Our Real Clients

Don't just take our word for it, hear from a few of our customers on how happy they are that they with us.

I would like to say that your support staff is very patient and helpful. I know that I will get the help I need even if it takes an hour to be explained. The program is great and the support teams make it that much better.

I've been using CollaborateMD for almost ten years. The improvement and innovation has been exceptional. I've worked with at least five different software products over the years, and CollaborateMD is by far the most open to enhancement requests. That is what is making CollaborateMD a leader in the industry.

After all of these years and all the advanced functions CollaborateMD can now do, they have stayed true to their original commitment to writing a program that could quickly get medical office professionals who did not wish to learn computers up and running. I don't know what I would do without CollaborateMD.